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Special Bonus Package Includes Clicgear GPS/phone Holder, TWO Beverage Holders, and an Umbrella Holder!

What do you get when you cross legendary Clicgear quality and
design with the stability and balance of a 4 wheel golf cart? You get the industry-shocking model 8.0 that
will set THE new standard in golf push carts and change how the are thought of forever. We thought about saying it would “turn the
golf cart industry on its side”, but since the 8.0 is so stable and well balanced,
that seemed like a pretty silly tag line.

It’s far from rocket science to say that four wheels are
better than three, just think back to the old “three wheeler” days when the
first ATV’s hit the market. They were
fun, but extremely dangerous- it didn’t take long for the “quad” to take over,
and now the only way you might find a 3 wheel ATV is on CL. And, while no one has been injured (that we
know of) by a 3 wheel golf cart, it just makes sense that 4 wheels would become
the standard. So…what took Clicgear so
long to join the fray?- after all 4 wheel carts have been out there for a

Simple. Clicgear does
things differently that every other push cart manufacturer you can name. All others outsource their brand to various factories
that crank out thousands of carts for dozens of different companies. In a sense, “Sun Mountain” and “Bag Boy” are
like “Chevy” and “GMC”… different name, same basic product. That doesn’t
make them bad, just also-rans, with nothing to distinguish them from each
other, or the other cookie cutter brands out there. Clicgear could have easily done that when wanting
to bring a 4 wheel cart to the market, but they are different. They own the factory- they ARE the
factory. Literally from the ground up,
everything is conceived, designed, sourced, built, shipped, and serviced by
Clicgear. That means they can start with a blank canvas,
and aren’t limited to ‘color by numbers’ like the other companies are.

So the 8.0 is nothing like other 4 wheel carts on the
market, because nothing about it is drawn from anything already out there. Most revolutionary is their proprietary 4X
Fold – a unique sliding folding mechanism that not only make it unbelievably
simple to deploy and fold, but allows it to fold in an incredible 15” X 17” X
27”. And don’t be fooled by the tiny
folding size. The 8.0 is a true, full
size golf push cart (not a “micro” cart).
It can handle any golf bag out there.
Also unique is the dual front braking system. If you have tried to use one of the other
four wheel carts that only have a brake on one wheel, you already know it doesn’t
work very well! When you set the brakes
on the 8.0, it isn’t going anywhere.

The 8.0 comes standard with a beverage holder and umbrella
holder, and like the best-selling 3 series it has four accessory tabs that work
with a variety of Clicgear accessories.
It also has the “umbrella” screw mount built into the handle that works
for the umbrella holder, gps/phone holder, and steering knob. It is ready “out of the box” to load up and
head for the course- there is no assembly required.

If you are familiar with Clicgear quality, we don’t have to
tell you about the quality materials and components that they use for the
carts, and the dozens of accessories that go along with them. Again, they don’t outsource these components,
parts, and accessories- they make them all in house. It allows them to be in total control of the
finished product, and it shows in every detail.
It is often hyperbole to say that something is “the best,” but such is
not the case with Clicgear- they truly are the best, and few, if any, that own
a Clicgear will argue that point.


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